The website includes 4 sections: Why Math?, What iMath Offers, Testimonials, and Contact. The first thing I did was make some sketches on a desired layout and landed on a single page layout due to the simplicity of the information.

Next, I decided on a color palette and typography, which was informed by the existing logo. For the color palette, I kept the black and red of the logo, and included a light base/background color in order to soften it, as well as a grey color for body texts to balance the starkness of the black and red. For the typography I went with ITC Avant Garde to stay consistent with the logo, and paired it with a serif font, Butler.

As well as the typical information of objectives, offering, testimonials, and contact, we also wanted to include a section encouraging students and parents on why math is a valuable and important subject to study at a young age. The goal of this section was to be engaging and interactive for users, so I created a card layout with each card containing a reason to study math which the users could click to flip and explore more information.

Overall this fairly simple website was a great way to get creative and do something a little different than the generally dry, strictly informational tutoring pages by creating a modern visual design, incorporating animation and interactivity, and including some unique content and language.