Deloitte Project Work

Throughout my time as a UX Designer at Deloitte's InsightStudio I worked on projects for clients of different scales in a variety of industries. Each project was a unique opportunity to hone my skills across various stages of the design process. A primary focus of mine across multiple projects was the creation of Design Systems. Outlined are a few selected projects.

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iMath is a local math tutoring service for middle and high schoolers for which I designed and built a website.
This was a great opportunity for me to play around with some web design and development.

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FundRise is an application that I am currently working on with a friend to design and build.
Initially targeting large college campuses, the mobile platform allows users to easily explore and find fundraising and philanthropic events happening at restaurants in their area.

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Molotro is an application I helped design with a group for my Human-Computer Interaction class in college.
The web application is a platform used for the purpose of travelers to find recommendations made by locals.

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Digital Doodles

In my free time I like to play around with digital art. Some things I do include drawing on my iPad with Procreate, exploring 3D rendering using Blender, and helping out with visual design needs for a friend of mine who produces and writes music.

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👋 Hi, I'm Vera! I am a user experience and interface designer, and front-end coder.
💻 I am currently working at Deloitte's InsightStudio in Boston, designing analytics and cognitive capabilities for a variety of clients. I've worked across multiple industries including: biotechnology, consumer products, and pharmaceuticals, as well as the U.S. DoD.
🧠 Before that, I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science and Cognitive and Brain Sciences from Tufts University.
📊 Much of my experience and interest is in information design and data visualization: presenting complex information can be beautiful and, more importantly, should foster accurate and coherent understanding. I like to explore different libraries, looking for creative ways to visualize data.
🤝 I am also passionate about design and development collaboration: I think some of the biggest issues in product development arise due to barriers in communication between design and development teams, so creating a culture where designers and developers work closely in tandem is a huge step in creating better, user-centered products and services.
🌱 Some areas I'm excited to grow and learn more in are visual design, typography, and accessible/inclusive design.
✨ In my free time I like to explore and make art 🎨, bake bread 🥖, and climb rocks 🧗